Introversion is my superpower. Calm with a chance of stormy. Analogue photographer. Designer. Heathen. Orange juice and coffee. Science fiction. Naps.
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Holy crap! Look what finally came in the mail, @marisa_sea!! I guess this means the 3-month long postal worker strike is over. #believeinfilm
A rare selfie. Deer Forest, Cape Town.
Lighting a delightfully smelly gift from @rikkihibbert. Can’t remember the name of the type of wood though, but it beats any incense.
Caught some beautiful sunset light on the way home last night, the road out of Noordhoek, just before Chapman’s Peak Road. #latergram #capetown #westerncape #southafrica
Depresso! Outside Field Office in Salisbury road. 😛☕️
I am my own authority. Mthrfckrs!
A view from high up in Deer Park. #capetown
Look what I just got. #xkcd
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Hello Cape Town! I’m baaack!
Creepy spider plush toy.

There are still a few issues left of the latest Visual Noise 2.0.  
Limited edition. 
Can be purchased here. 

Featuring me, so get one!
The things one sees next to the road in Pretoria. Klapperkop nature reserve, smack in the middle of a city of a few million people.
I was just described by someone as sanguine. I can live with that.