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Impossible project #magentatype negative left over after emulsion lift. #believeinfilm #impossibleproject #polaroid
Impossible Project #Magentatype emulsion transfer. The edges on this one were hell. If you don’t cut off enough of the border they won’t come loose from the clear plastic cover. #believeinfilm #impossibleproject #polaroid #filmisnotdead
❝ The first piece of advice I have for people if they want to be a crazy artist like me is that companies are there to exploit you, and to extract as much labor out of you as possible while paying you as little money as possible. Always treat companies with intense cynicism and try to exploit them back as much as you can. The big mistake that will fuck you over in life is being a team player, because you’ll waste years and years of your life until you wake up one day having made some company a lot of money and having made yourself shit….they will just take your hard work and talent to make money for themselves and discard you when you’re no longer useful. So be very cynical.

— Molly Crabapple on The Great Discontent (TGD)

I really hope so.
Printed some male nudes. All the talk with @marisa_sea has got me thinking. Top left one is a selfie.
Another doodle. Maybe if I do 10,000 iterations of this shape I’ll finally be able to move on.
Repeat repeat repeat.
Tiny little sharpener. Tried to use it. It sucked. Back to just using a blade to sharpen things.
Impossible mistake. Things don’t always go as planned, but the unintentional minimalism had it’s own charm. #believeinfilm #impossibleproject #polaroid cc @katrin_albert
Doodled again. Gosh, I need to get out. At least I’m going to a costume warehouse with a model tomorrow to go scouting for war uniforms for a shoot.
Oh poop! I bought some fancy, expensive lined Moleskine notebooks to start practicing my Spencerian script and the paper is basically blotting paper. Gah! Not gonna work! 😨
More doodles. White ink!
This little guy came to check out my #Bronica the other day.
In the Piketberg mountains…