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Tadaaa! The final thing. Colour neg in b&w chemicals. Not too bad. Quite grainy though, but maybe that’s just Superia for you. #believeinfilm #xpro #capetown
Processing my scans of the colour film I processed in b&w developer. The red channel  has the highest dynamic range, but the green channel is the sharpest. (Choices, choices… 😎) The blue channel is totally useless. #believeinfilm #xpro #guerrilla
About to scan these little guerrilla xpro babies. The film base is really dark, and bleaching will remove the silver, so I’m going to just have to deal with it. #xpro #c41 in b&w soup.
It worked!! Guerrilla development. #c41 #xpro in #kodak #xtol. #believeinfilm
Wish me luck, my lovelies. Doing some C-41 film in B&W developer. (#xtol). I tore some film in my camera while rewinding and the only way I could rescue it was to transfer it to a developing tank in a changing bag. And now that it’s in the bag I might as well soup it up all guerrilla style.
Got these 4 amazing little artworks by the incredible Keneilwe Mokoena delivered today. Yay art! #art
Lighthouse at Kommetjie.
Fires of hell. Scan from last night’s experiment with colour neg film and household bleach. #believeinfilm #believeinbleach
My first ever #polaroid emulsion transfer using Impossible Project PX70 film. The shot I used was a reject from some seriously expired film, and the only paper I had in the house that would withstand getting wet was black, but interesting results nonetheless. I would consider this a success. #impossible #sx70 #px70
Obviously obsessed with photography.
A beautiful road in the sky above Cape Town.
New toy. #polaroid #sx70 #believeinfilm