Introversion is my superpower. Calm with a chance of stormy. Analogue photographer. Heathen. Orange juice and coffee. Science fiction. Naps.

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No rains yet up north. All brown.
I should be packing so I can go to bed - flying to Johannesburg in the morning. Instead I’m drinking wine, sticking photos in my book and listening to The National. Life could be worse though.
Minimal mistake 2. #tip #impossible @impossible_hq #believeinfilm
Mininal mistake. #tip #impossible #polaroid @impossible_hq #believeinfilm
Found this little guy waiting for me as I left the house. About 6mm long.
Lion’s Head at night. Graflex 4x5. 16 minutes. ISO 400. f/5.6. #believeinfilm Wanted to shoot at f/8 but with correction for reciprocity failure that would have given me a 45 minute exposure. Yeah uh no. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Just another Cape Town sunset.
Table mountain at night. Stitch of two images. #capetown
Lion’s Head long exposure. #capetown
Doing some long exposures of Lion’s Head from the Signal Hill road. #capetown in the background.
This is what I get for accidentally exposing my film to light before developing. Nice big fat black nothing. #idiot #believeinfilm #believethatimadumbass
Been spending so much time with my pens lately I thought they needed their own emulsion lift. #polaroid #emulsion #lift #transfer #impossibleproject #believeinfilm
These graphs might be a bit boring and derivative, but they’re pretty good at teaching me about how to make lines with ink. Tried a new pen holding technique tonight and I have way more control. Maybe eventually I won’t have two left hands.
Gordon’s Bay and Strand from the mountain above Gordon’s Bay.